Buyback List

* Please be sure that all items you send to Recycle4Fundraising are on our buyback list. We no longer pay minimums for product not on our list, remanufactured, or damaged cartridges. Up to 40% of your shipment may contain non-qualified products mentioned above for recycling only, no cash back. Members who abuse our policy may be subjected to termination or charged back for shipping.

ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 CANON 0618B002$0.45 CANON 0619B002$0.50
 CANON 0879A003$0.35 CANON 240XXL$1.13
 CANON 2976B001$1.24 CANON 5204B001$1.13
 CANON 5209B001$1.46 CANON BC-01$0.35
 CANON CL211$1.24 CANON CL241$1.46
 CANON CL51$0.45 CANON CL52$0.50
 CANON PG240XXL$1.13 
 HP 15$1.35 HP 26$0.56
 HP 45$1.35 HP 45BK$1.35
 HP 4940$0.50 HP 5152$1.35
 HP 51626A$0.56 HP 51645A$1.35
 HP 51645G$1.35 HP 51645U$1.35
 HP 54$0.11 HP 57$1.13
 HP 59$0.11 HP 61CLR$1.35
 HP 61XLBK$1.13 HP 70M$0.50
 HP 70Y$0.50 HP 72C$0.35
 HP 72GY$0.35 HP 72M$0.35
 HP 72PBK$0.35 HP 72Y$0.35
 HP 83$0.50 HP 90$0.35
 HP 90BK$0.35 HP 90Y$0.35
 HP 9359A$0.11 HP C4940A$0.50
 HP C4941A$0.50 HP C5059A$0.35
 HP C5065A$0.35 HP C6125A$1.35
 HP C6168A$1.35 HP C6170A$1.35
 HP C6195A$1.35 HP C6615A$1.35
 HP C6615D$1.35 HP C6615DN$1.35
 HP C6650FN$1.35 HP C6657A$1.13
 HP C6657AN$1.13 HP C8788FNBK$1.35
 HP C8790FNBK$1.35 HP C8842A$1.35
 HP C9359A$0.11 HP C9359AN$0.11
 HP C9397A$0.35 HP C9397S$0.35
 HP C9398A$0.35 HP C9398S$0.35
 HP C9399A$0.35 HP C9399S$0.35
 HP C9400A$0.35 HP C9400S$0.35
 HP C9401A$0.35 HP C9401S$0.35
 HP C9453A$0.50 HP C9454A$0.50
 HP CB267$1.13 HP CB267A$1.13
 HP CB268A$1.13 HP CB278A$1.13
 HP CB334$0.11 HP CB334A$0.11
 HP CB334AN$0.11 HP CH562W$1.35
 HP CH562WN$1.35 HP CH562WNOG$1.35
 HP CH563W$1.13 HP CH563WN$1.13
 HP CQ849A$1.35 HP Q2356A$0.35
 HP Q2392A$1.35 
 LEXMARK 1$0.11 LEXMARK 18C0190$0.20
 LEXMARK 18C0200$0.20 LEXMARK 18C0781$0.11
 LEXMARK 18C0901$0.11 LEXMARK 18C1510$0.35
 LEXMARK 18C1528$0.35 LEXMARK 18C1530$0.35
 LEXMARK 2$0.20 LEXMARK 28A$0.35
 LEXMARK 3$0.35 
 OCE 494-1$0.50 OCE 494-5$0.50
 OTHER TWK-1396$1.35 
 PITNEY BOW 787-1$0.45 PITNEY BOW PB7871$0.45
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