Buyback List

* Please be sure that all items you send to Recycle4Fundraising are on our buyback list. We no longer pay minimums for product not on our list, remanufactured, or damaged cartridges. Up to 40% of your shipment may contain non-qualified products mentioned above for recycling only, no cash back. Members who abuse our policy may be subjected to termination or charged back for shipping.

ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 CANON 0615B002$0.23 CANON 0616B002$0.23
 CANON 0617B002$0.45 CANON 0618B002$0.45
 CANON 1287C001$0.79 CANON 1287C005$1.46
 CANON 1899B002$0.23 CANON 1900B002$0.45
 CANON 240XL$1.01 CANON 240XXL$1.13
 CANON 241XL$1.58 CANON 2973B001$0.45
 CANON 2974B001$0.34 CANON 2975B001$1.35
 CANON 2976B001$1.24 CANON 5204B001$1.13
 CANON 5206B001$1.01 CANON 5207B001$0.68
 CANON 5208B001$1.58 CANON 5209B001$1.46
 CANON 8278B001$1.13 CANON 8279B001$0.79
 CANON 8280B001$1.80 CANON 8281B001$1.46
 CANON CL211$1.24 CANON CL211XL$1.35
 CANON CL241$1.46 CANON CL241XL$1.58
 CANON CL-244$1.46 CANON CL-244XL$1.80
 CANON CL-246$1.46 CANON CL-246XL$1.80
 CANON CL31$0.45 CANON CL-41$0.45
 CANON CL51$0.45 CANON PG210$0.34
 CANON PG210XL$0.45 CANON PG240$0.68
 CANON PG240XL$1.01 CANON PG240XXL$1.13
 CANON PG-243$0.79 CANON PG-243XL$0.90
 CANON PG-245$0.79 CANON PG-245XL$1.13
 CANON PG-30$0.23 CANON PG40$0.23
 CANON PG50$0.23 
 HASLER 35T66493$0.90 HASLER 4102910P$0.90
 HASLER 4105243U$0.90 HASLER 4121719G$0.90
 HASLER 4124703Q$0.90 HASLER 4124705S$0.90
 HASLER 4135555U$0.90 HASLER 4135557W$0.90
 HASLER 4135559Y$0.90 HASLER 4135561A$0.90
 HASLER 4135565E$0.90 HASLER 4135567G$0.90
 HASLER 4139453E$0.90 HASLER 4139461N$0.90
 HASLER 41394632$0.90 HASLER 4139464R$0.90
 HASLER 4139466T$0.90 HASLER 4139472Z$0.90
 HASLER 4139508M$0.90 HASLER 4139518X$0.90
 HASLER 4139518Y$0.90 HASLER 4139519Y$0.90
 HASLER 4139525E$0.90 HASLER 4139527G$0.90
 HASLER 4139528H$0.90 HASLER 4139533N$0.90
 HASLER 4139545A$0.90 HASLER 4142697J$0.90
 HASLER 4142880Z$0.90 HASLER 4145638X$0.90
 HASLER 4145702P$0.90 HASLER 4145703Q$0.90
 HASLER 4145780V$0.90 HASLER 4145781W$0.90
 HASLER 4146135$0.90 HASLER 4146657J$0.90
 HASLER 4146800H$0.90 HASLER 4146995L$0.90
 HASLER 4147550P$0.90 HASLER 414781W$0.90
 HASLER 4149132M$0.90 HASLER A0000858$0.90
 HASLER A0011680$0.90 HASLER A0011683$0.90
 HASLER A0014367$0.90 HASLER A0014368$0.90
 HASLER A0024430$0.90 HASLER A0024431$0.90
 HASLER BQ$0.90 HASLER HS10041S$0.90
 HP 110$0.11 HP 15$1.35
 HP 20$0.11 HP 21$0.11
 HP 21XL$0.23 HP 22$0.90
 HP 22XL$1.35 HP 26$0.56
 HP 27$0.11 HP 28$0.90
 HP 40$0.23 HP 45$1.35
 HP 45BK$1.35 HP 5152$1.35
 HP 51626A$0.56 HP 51640A$0.23
 HP 51645A$1.35 HP 51645G$1.35
 HP 51645U$1.35 HP 54$0.11
 HP 56$0.11 HP 57$0.90
 HP 58$0.11 HP 59$0.11
 HP 60BK$0.56 HP 60CLR$0.90
 HP 60XLBK$0.90 HP 60XLCLR$0.90
 HP 61BK$0.56 HP 61CLR$1.35
 HP 61XLBK$1.35 HP 61XLCLR$1.58
 HP 62BK$0.68 HP 62CLR$1.13
 HP 62XL$1.13 HP 65XLBK$1.13
 HP 701$0.23 HP 901$0.34
 HP 901$0.45 HP 901XL$0.34
 HP 9359A$0.11 HP 95$0.11
 HP 96$0.11 HP 97$0.11
 HP B3B05A$0.56 HP B3B06A$0.90
 HP B3B09A$0.34 HP B3B10A$0.45
 HP B3B18A$0.11 HP B3B18A$0.23
 HP B3B19A$0.90 HP B3B22A$0.11
 HP B3B23A$0.11 HP C2P04A$0.68
 HP C2P04AN$0.68 HP C2P05A$1.13
 HP C2P05AN$1.13 HP C2P06A$1.13
 HP C2P06AN$1.13 HP C6125A$1.35
 HP C6168A$1.35 HP C6170A$1.35
 HP C6195A$1.35 HP C6614D$0.11
 HP C6614N$0.11 HP C6615A$1.35
 HP C6615D$1.35 HP C6615DN$1.35
 HP C6650FN$1.35 HP C6656A$0.11
 HP C6656AN$0.11 HP C6656G$0.11
 HP C6657A$0.90 HP C6657AN$0.90
 HP C6658A$0.11 HP C6658AN$0.11
 HP C8727A$0.11 HP C8727AN$0.11
 HP C8727B$0.11 HP C8728A$0.90
 HP C8728AN$0.90 HP C8766W$0.11
 HP C8766WN$0.11 HP C8766Z$0.11
 HP C8767WN$0.11 HP C8788FNBK$1.35
 HP C8790FNBK$1.35 HP C8842A$1.35
 HP C9351A$0.11 HP C9351AN$0.11
 HP C9351C$0.23 HP C9351G$0.11
 HP C9352AN$0.90 HP C9352C$1.35
 HP C9359A$0.11 HP C9359AN$0.11
 HP C9363W$0.11 HP C9363WN$0.11
 HP CB252A$0.11 HP CB255A$0.11
 HP CB261A$0.11 HP CB267$0.90
 HP CB267A$0.90 HP CB268A$0.90
 HP CB270A$0.11 HP CB278A$0.90
 HP CB304A$0.11 HP CB304AN$0.11
 HP CB304S$0.11 HP CB305A$0.11
 HP CB334$0.11 HP CB334A$0.11
 HP CB334AN$0.11 HP CC635A$0.23
 HP CC635S$0.23 HP CC640W$0.56
 HP CC640WN$0.56 HP CC641W$0.90
 HP CC641WN$0.90 HP CC643W$0.90
 HP CC643WN$0.90 HP CC644W$0.90
 HP CC644WN$0.90 HP CC653AE$0.34
 HP CC653AN$0.34 HP CC654A$0.34
 HP CC654AE$0.34 HP CC654AN$0.34
 HP CC655A$0.45 HP CC656A$0.45
 HP CC656AE$0.45 HP CC656AN$0.45
 HP CH561W$0.56 HP CH561WN$0.56
 HP CH562W$1.35 HP CH562WN$1.35
 HP CH562WNOG$1.35 HP CH563W$1.35
 HP CH563WN$1.35 HP CH564W$1.58
 HP CH564WN$1.58 HP CH569AN$0.23
 HP CH570AN$1.35 HP CN037W$0.11
 HP CN639W$0.56 HP CN640W$0.90
 HP CQ849A$1.35 HP D8J31A$0.11
 HP D8J32A$0.11 HP D8J50A$0.90
 HP D8J70A$0.90 HP F6T48A$1.13
 HP J3N47A$1.13 HP J3N48A$0.68
 HP J3P12A$1.13 HP M0J06A$1.13
 HP N9J42A$1.13 HP N9J43A$0.68
 HP N9J44A$1.13 HP N9J45A$0.68
 HP N9K04A$1.13 HP N9K04ANXL$1.13
 HP Q2392A$1.35 HP T0A36ANXLBK$1.13
 LEXMARK 1$0.11 LEXMARK 18C0781$0.11
 LEXMARK 18C0901$0.11 
 NEOPOST 4135554T$0.90 NEOPOST 4139534P$0.90
 NEOPOST 4145711Y$0.90 NEOPOST IMINK34$0.90
 OTHER TWK-1396$1.35 
 PITNEY BOW 787-1$0.45 PITNEY BOW PB7871$0.45
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