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Recycle4Fundraising offers you a 100% free recycling fundraiser for your school, church, charity, group, club, troop, company, and even individuals! We offer ongoing cash rewards in exchange for used inkjet and laser printer cartridges. Your organization can utilize this FREE program to earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars, no maximum, no minimums, and the sky is the limit. You can support your favorite charity or cash the check yourself and use it for any purpose you like.

Recycle4Fundraising provides:

  • Promotional materials
  • Online accounting and account management
  • Prompt monthly payment
  • Prepaid shipping labels

Recycle4Fundraising and the Environment

Recycle4Fundraising provides a proactive solution to waste reduction while aggressively paving the way for modern, convenient and effective recycling program! We now pay you more for the items you collect.